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Chicken Cemani | Black Chicken | Cemani Raising Chickens

Chicken Cemani | Black Chicken | Cemani Raising Chickens


Cemani chicken is a local race of chickens that developed in the region Kedu, precisely in the Village Kedu, District Kedu, Waterford, and the Village Kalikuto, Grabag District, Magelang. This local race is known for its black, but there is also the type who is white. Kedu chicken chicken being developed as a superior race.

Raising chickens

Raising chickens cemani relatively easy, it just takes patience. Chicken little cemani highly susceptible to death, especially at low temperatures. To anticipate the maintenance of DOC until the age of one month is placed in a given cage Box incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamp will help keep the room temperature remains warm. On the morning of chicks Chicken Cemani box placed at the site of the sunlight and placed on a relatively quiet place if the sun was blazing.

Food cemani chicken at a young age is concentrated starter with each feeding hungry chickens, the more chicks cemani the faster growing foods just do not get too fat. After one month of age have started to feed mixed with other foods such as bran, rice and mix the food is all around us. Giving this mixture to save feed concentrates, because according to experience growth cemani chicken chicken feed concentrate cemani with pure and mixed no significant differences, in terms of economically less profitable.
Chicken Cemani | Black Chicken | Cemani Raising Chickens
With Increasing age cemani Also chicken Increased body size and number of feathers, the chicken Should begin to move in a wider cage. Adjusted heating with incandescent lamps with the requirement, if the temperature is too cold cans be nullified. That Cages are too narrow will of interfere with growth and create a humid cage. The cage That moisture will of Potentially bring in germs. Placement of the cage Should Be separate from the settlement and adequate sun exposure, especially in the morning. Therefore, the pattern of cultivation Power cemani cultivated chicken cage facing eastwards.

In cemani chicken adult maintenance feeding is set twice a day, with food in the form of concentrated chicken, grits, rice bran and other food mixtures. Cage also was no longer a box but a limited form of cages, cage bateray, or allowed to roam free. Providing laying concentrate is intended to improve the quality and number of eggs produced. The eggs produced by chickens can cemani dieramkan natural way through cemani breeders, chicken breeders or breeding kamoung wild duck. With a more modern way of chicken eggs can cemani dieramkan using hatching machine, with the hatch 21 days same as ordinary chicken.

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