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Payakumbuh City is a town in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Payakumbuh especially the city's core was built by the Dutch East Indies colonial government which began their involvement in the Padri war, and then this region developed into a depot or warehouse storage area of the planting of coffee and continue to develop into one of the district administration of the Dutch East Indies colonial administration time.

According to local legend, from one region in this city there is an oldest village of Nagari Aie hail and in 1840 the Dutch built a stone bridge to connect the region with the center of town now. The bridge is now known as Mother Bridge of Lamentations.


Payakumbuh are at the foot of the mountain stretch of Sago, traversed by three rivers named Batang Agam, Batang and Batang Sinama Lampasi. Administrative jurisdiction of this city surrounded by regency. The city is located within a distance of about 30 km from the town of Bukittinggi, or 120 km from the city of Padang and 188 km from the city of Pekanbaru.

Urban topography consists of hills with an average altitude of 514 meters above sea level, and the average temperature ranges from 26 ° C and air humadity between 45 to 50%. Rainfall per year is about 1507 mm with number of rainy days is 85 days.

For the use of land in the City Payakumbuh, approximately 62.1% is dry land, with 47.0% of agricultural businesses, 28.0% of the land and buildings as well as the remaining pages of the state forests, and shrubs. While the use of land for rice fields amounted to 37.9%.


The city is included liaison between the city of Padang city with the city of Pekanbaru, the city can also be connected to a central traffic lane without necessarily passing Sumatra town of Bukittinggi. Terminal Koto Nan Ampek a land transportation terminals located in the city.

Currently being built outside the northern ring road (10.45 km) and south (15.34 km) known as Payakumbuh Bypass for easy access to transportation without having to go through downtown and to encourage economic growth. Road construction is derived from the central government and loans to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Economy Payakumbuh

Payakumbuh city as a stopover town, making the service sector and trade became the leading sectors. However, other sectors such as agriculture, livestock and fisheries are still promising for the people of this city because it is supported by the state is also fairly fertile soil.

To make this city as a center for trade in addition to improving traditional markets that existed during this, the local government together with the people trying to build a warehouse system to support the activities of modern trade. Currently Payakumbuh city already has a modern market located in the heart of town.

While the existing industries in the city of new small scale, but has been able to produce to meet market demand abroad, including embroidery and embroidered skull songkok/peci.


Payakumbuh known to have special food and galamai botiah them, besides there are also other dishes such as cream rondang, kipang, rondang boluk, rondang tolua and martabak tolua. In the village known Tiakar typical food called paniaram ie glutinous rice cakes of palm sugar in the mix.

Some tourist areas in the city include Beautiful Grotto, Grotto Sompik, Simarajo Peak, Panorama Ampangan and so forth. In addition, Ducks Runway show is a tradition held every year at the village-districts that exist in this city is alsobecame one of tourist attraction in this city.

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