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Education and Medical Profession in Indonesia

Medical education is the process of medical education to be implemented in the community.

Education and training of medical science in each country varies, but in almost all education is opened starting from medical school or faculty of medicine at the university level during the specified time.

In Indonesia, medical education was opened at the university medical school. Students must be educated strata-1 for about 3.5 years to earn a Bachelor of Medicine (Sked). After that to become a doctor, students must follow the doctor's professional education for 1.5 years. When it has taken the oath, a doctor recommended the temporary employees (PTT) government to be deployed to the area during a specified time. A general practitioner may take appropriate pilihannya.Saat education specialization is curriculum of medical education in Indonesia adopted a learning system based on an issue or problem based learning (PBL).

Certificate of Competency for Physicians

Certificate of Competency for Doctors graduates need to be made ​​before
29 April 2007 and has not filed manufacture Registration Certificate (STR) to the Medical Council of Indonesia (KKI). Certificate of Competency-making process is only valid until October 29, 2007 (the latest date the filing STRs to KKI by letter KKI No. KK. 01.03/KKI/Reg/IV/301). Certificate of Competence will be sent to the correspondence address listed in the registration form by Registered Post.

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