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Hearing aid | Tools to Assist Hearing

Hearing Aid
Hearing aids are an electric acoustic devices that can be used by people with impaired hearing function of the ear. Usually, this tool can be mounted on a portion of the human ear or in part around the ear. Hearing aids were created to strengthen the stimulus portion of the sensory cells of the inner ear are damaged to the stimulus sound and the sounds from outside. Hearing aid is an electronic device that uses batteries which in its use there is a microphone that converts the sound waves into electrical energy which is then received by amplifier that can increase volume and sends it to the speaker who is on the inside of the ear. If you want to use a hearing aid it is necessary first to examine the threshold of hearing with a tool called an audiogram. Only then can be determined what type and model suitable for cases of hearing damage suffered.

The basic form of hearing aids

Tools with models in the ear (In the ear aids (ITC) can be used for people with hearing loss categories from mild to medium category. This tool provides more comfort to the wearer because it is located on the inside and not visible from outside. In this equipment components mounted telecoil, which is a small magnetic coil that can enable users of hearing aids is to be more comfortable in her phone.

Models behind the ear (BTE)

This type is mounted on the back telinga.dapat use on condition of ear damage from mild to severe category. This tool uses mold components that serves as a purifier ears sound.

Forms canal

Canal shape consists of two types namely ITC and ICC. ITC hearing aid type of shape and size can be adjusted by users. The tools of this type are relatively small. Another type is the ICC. This tool is located inside the ear canal. Both these tools are very convenient to use because of its small size. But for both kinds of lat aid has only a little space that can be used to store spare batteries and a built-in microphone. This tool is not recommended for patients with fairly severe hearing loss and also less is recommended for use by children.

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