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General characteristics of Noni


Noni is not that big tree, in height from 4-6 m. trunk twisted, branchy stiff, coarse, and has its roots embedded in the riding. Bark grayish brown or yellowish brown kuniangan, parted in the shallow, not hairy, bersegai four subsidiaries. Editorial suklalu evergreen. Noni is easy to split wood after drying. Can be used to support pepper plants.


Thick, shiny leaves. Noni leaf is face to face. Leaf size were large, thick, and a single. The shape is oblong-lanceolate, 15-50 x 5-17 cm. leaf edges flat, short pointed tip. The base of the wedge-shaped leaves. Veins pinnate leaves. Hiaju color glossy, hairless. The base of the leaves short, measuring 0.5 to 2.5 cm. fulcrum leaf size varies, the width is triangular. Noni leaves can be eaten as a vegetable. High nutritional value because it contains vitamin A.

Noni rounded hump-type inflorescence, 1-4 cm handle. Flowers grow in axillary leaves the fulcrum of dealing with leaves that grow normally. The flowers are androgynous. Petals white, funnel-shaped, 1.5 cm in length can be achieved. Stamens sticking in the mouth of the crown. Berputing two anthers. Flower petal-shaped blooms of the bunch. The flowers are white, fragrant.


Petals oval to grow into a round of chicken eggs and some have a diameter of 7.5 to 10 cm. The fruit surface as divided into polygonal cells (in terms of many) who spotted and warty. At first the fruit is green, a yellowish white before cooking. Once cooked, the color is transparent white and tender. The pulp is composed of stone fruit pyramid-shaped, red-brown. Once soft, noni fruit contains a lot of water that smells like rotten cheese. The odor arising from mixing between the acid and acid kaprik kaproat (lipid or fatty compounds that volatile molecular clusters, a nature such as essential oils) that smells rancid and caprylic acid that tastes bad. Presumably both of these compounds are active as an antibiotic.

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