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Causes and prevention of bites tomcat

Insect Tomcat also called Rove Beetle or the name of the area Ants Kayap or Charlie in Indonesia, is the main group of segmented animals (arthropods) are included in the great family of beetles (Staphylinidae), primarily distinguished by the short length of the protective cover wing ("sheathed wing") which left more than half of their abdomen open. With more than 46,000 species in the thousands of generations, this group is the second largest family of beetles after Curculionidae (actual beetle). These insects belong to a group of ancient insects, the insects tomcat known fossils from the Triassic Age or destruction of life on Earth about 200 million years ago.

As might be expected for such a large family of beetles, there is considerable variation among species. The size ranges from 1 to 35 mm (1.5 inches), with most in the range of 2-8 mm, and generally elongated shape, with some insects tomcat rounded like an egg. Dark yellow body at the top, bottom abdomen (belly) and dark-colored head. Antenna beetle usually 11 segmented and filiform, with moderate clubbing in several generations of beetles. Normally, these beetles seen crawling around the region by hiding its wings and upon first glance it is more like an ant. If disturbed or threatened, the beetle will raise part of the abdomen so that he looks like a scorpion to scare the enemy.

Tomcat does not bite or sting. Tomcat will discharge secaraotomatis when in contact or come into contact with human skin directly. Gravity, Tomcat will discharge this poison on items such as clothing, towels, or other objects. At certain insects, are suspected of fluid 12 times more powerful than cobra venom. Haemolymph fluid or toxin is referred to as 'aederin' (C24H43O9N). If it has been exposed to dermatitis, immediately clean sheets, handkerchiefs, towels, clothes or objects that allegedly exposed to toxins tomcat. Contact with these beetles when lying down or sleeping, destroy the body or brushing with dirty fingers will cause conjunctivitis and severe skin diseases that are recognized as 'dermatitis linearis', 'aederus (rove beetle / Staphylinidae) dermatitis'. If you see the Tomcat perched on hand, do not push or killed as deadly mosquitoes or other small insects. Tomcat should be blown up to go, or taken with care using hand tools or covered in plastic and dumped into a safe place. After that washing hands with soap and repeat again. If you can spray it with insecticide insects and removed without having to touch it directly. Indeed, this insect is a friend of the farmer as it is a natural predator for leafhoppers, one of the pests that became the main enemy of farmers. Tomcat is a group of agricultural insects, but in the last 3 to 4 years reported any health problems in humans caused by the insect.

Close the windows and turn off the lights when not in use because Tomcat like bright places. Do not wear revealing clothes to avoid direct contact with Tomcat. Mosquito netting should be given a window so that Tomcat can not enter. Be careful if you have small children who like to play near the plant and remove the plant from the house when the conditions are not maintained as it could potentially become a hotbed Tomcat.

If the skin is exposed to toxins Insect Tomcat immediately wash the affected skin with soap, should not be given toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, balm, oil wasps or powder as it will only worsen the situation. Tomcat toxin affected skin will be red inflamed like herpes but not the same. Treatment using the ointment and antibiotics. Usually hydrocortisone 1% or ointment and antibiotics neomycin sulfate betametasone 3 times daily or acyclovir ointment 5%. Inflammation can also be relieved by compressing the affected skin toxins with cold water.

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