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Often the reason Exit Body Odor

Often the reason Exit Body Odor - In carrying out daily activities, often sweating out to be disturbing when it raises the unpleasant aroma. Despite trying to wear fragrances such as perfumes, but sometimes unpleasant scent of sweat still appear.

Often the reason Exit Body Odor

"Sweat was actually happening because of the metabolic processes in the body, when metabolism occurs it will emit body heat. And in order to lower the temperature, the body sweat," said Grace Tumbelaka, medical specialists Sports Medicine when met at fX Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (28 / 10).Sweat usually come out after doing physical activity with moderate to high intensity. But not impossible, at rest or when feeding will be sweating, all returned as a living human body, do not stop metabolized.But often the problem is the sweat released by sweat glands in certain parts such as the armpits. In glands contained in body folds such as the armpits, sweat produced by sweat glands that section contains fat and protein intake for the bacteria in the skin."Sweat it contains mostly water and minerals, but the sweat produced by certain glands that contain fat and protein," says Grace.Fats and proteins with small amounts that will be overhauled by the bacteria so that the process will produce a gas perombakannya unpleasant inhaled. However, Grace also confirmed that sweat and body odor is associated with a variety of factors, one of which is the environment in which humans are a factor."Different sweat in Saudi Arabia to Jakarta. In Arabic with environmental conditions such as the sweat will quickly evaporate, while in Jakarta with high humidity, perspiration," said Grace.Although the environmental conditions of Jakarta's hot with high humidity of about 80 to 90 percent is a very ideal conditions for bacteria to live, but Grace said that there are ways to avoid body odor after sweating.First, the body and clothing hygiene must be maintained. With the condition of the body and clothing hygiene, then there will be a lot of bacteria that grow. Second, using a deodorant that can help reduce the less than ideal conditions for the bacteria grow. Some even promise deodorant can reduce excessive sweating."With the situation that there is no chance of the bacteria to grow, so the smell was by itself would be reduced," said Grace. (source:

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