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Risks can Processed Meat Causes Cancer

Risks can Processed Meat Causes Cancer, - Processed meats such as ham, bacon, sausages, including red meat, can cause cancer. Thus the sound of the latest report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a research body under the World Health Organization (WHO). The comments came after a panel of experts looked at more than 800 scientific research results about cancer.
Risks can Processed Meat Causes Cancer

Actually, many experts have long believed that processed meats, including red meat, have contributed to the increased risk of cancer, especially those associated with gastrointestinal cancers such as colon and stomach cancer. So, IARC announcement is not surprising but it is more stressed.

"They have the definitive authority on this subject," said David Katz, MD, director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, in New Haven, CT.

"For a long time we do not recommend the consumption of processed meat ahead of time before the WHO announcement is issued," said Katz again.

Experts still do not know how much the consumption of processed meat can increase the risk of cancer called. But they believe, the more you eat, the higher the risk you have.

The producers of processed meat had not yet approved the IARC statement. They consider this announcement to be weak. They point to the 22-member panel that does not agree the statement that processed meat increases the risk of cancer.

"Cancer is a complex disease, even highly intelligent brain could not fully understand the disease," said Shalene McNeill, PhD, RD, executive director for the research field of human nutrition at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

"Billions of dollars have been dhabiskan to research worldwide. And none of the food that has been shown to cause cancer, "said Shalene in the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

Since 1970, health experts classify food and objects around us into five groups of cancer-related, ranging from children's toys, chemicals, up to the daily diet. The five groups are:
  1. Group 1: carcinogenic, causing cancer.
  2. Group 2A: probable cause of cancer.
  3. Group 2B: possibly cause cancer.
  4. Group 3: Not sure, not enough evidence.
  5. Group 4: do not cause cancer.

Processed meat itself, according to the IARC, in the first group, while red meat entering two groups, namely the probable cause of cancer.

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