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Scavengers child beauty queen

Scavengers child beauty queen - A mother will always be a figure that is proud of his children, no matter what kind of work he does. This is done by a woman who was elected Queen of Beauty in Thailand who kiss the feet of her mother, who worked as scavengers.

Woman named Mint was successfully won a beauty contest Miss Uncensored News Thailand in 2015 despite her status as a child scavengers. He did not forget the land even though its name has been bounced into a beauty queen.

In fact, Mint kiss and prostrate on his mother's feet as a form of gratitude. His own life story is quite sad. She always helps her mother collect used goods for sale.

Mint does not even ashamed of it because that way he could support his family. The 17-year-old girl to prove that with a hard and difficult life, he actually could carve achievements and keep the memory of his mother during this

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