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This is the Key to Success Apple Records Sales

This is the Key to Success Apple Records Sales - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, Tim Cook said Apple has scored sales growth of 40 percent and reach $ 25 billion, equivalent to Rp340,812 trillion (refer to Rp13.632 per USD exchange rate) in the third quarter 2015 report. The acquisition has increased when compared to the same period last year.
Quoted from page Business Insider on Thursday (29/10/2015), according to Cook, the revenue growth was obtained due to the aggressiveness of the company pushes the sales of products to a wider market. As for how the approach in partnership with the company's senior technology, such as Cisco and IBM.
This approach is done in order to make Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac is increasingly recognized to some other technology companies and gain a greater market share. As a result, efforts are apparently fruitless approaches.
Since the iPhone launched in 2007, people around the world are eager to use it at work, but there is always a bottleneck. As is known, Apple products are made only focused on the consumer and does not have the expertise to make your Apple device super friendly to all the technology department, with the security and control of compliance or a specific business line applications.
Apple products is superior in terms of usability and design, which makes people want to use their iPhone more than, say, companies such as the BlackBerry and the clunky old Windows laptop / stiff.
Now, with the growth of earned income, Apple can focus on pushing its products to each office. The reason is, Apple really know exactly that all the people on earth are eager to use Apple products.

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