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Tips and How To Pregnancy Feels More Comfortable

Tips and How To Pregnancy Feels More Comfortable
Tips and How To Pregnancy Feels More ComfortablePregnant women have extra challenges ranging from morning sickness, leg cramps, back pain, and weight increased drastically. Some even have trouble breathing. Well, the question is, is there any way to reduce complaints during pregnancy?

1. Familiarize warm bath before you sleep

Cold water bath will help soothe muscles and joints are aching and help you get better sleep.

2. Use a pillow maternity

Maternity pillow or cushion prenatal C-shaped pillow is available online, and in some stores selling maternity. This cushion will make it easier for you to sleep at night and prevent back and hip was sore when you wake up in the morning.

3. Use a chair that has a footrest

Find a comfortable chair in your living room, there should be one chair that allows you to menselonjorkan legs because the more time you spend on your feet during pregnancy then you will feel more tired and inconveniences. Menselonjorkan your feet will relieve discomfort and prevent swelling and other circulatory problems.

4. Avoid tight clothes

Your blood circulation during pregnancy be interrupted so the last thing you should do is make it worse by wearing tight clothing. Choose clothing that is loose and comfortable.

5. Choose comfortable shoes that have plenty of room

Look for shoes or sandals that make you really feel comfortable, because your feet will bear the burden of your discomfort. You may have to buy shoes that are one size bigger because your feet will swell.

6. Swim

Swimming is a form of cardio exercises that will strengthen your muscles, improve blood circulation and most importantly ease your weight. Swimming is also a therapy that will calm the muscles and joints.

7. Drinking water ice cold

Drinking ice water will refresh you and also cleanse your system and promote cell division process in which a baby grows.

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