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How to Make Rendang

Rendang Padang, this cuisine is the hallmark of the cuisine berasala Minang from West Sumatra parts of Indonesia. The main foods made from beef diungkep, then added with a selection of spices that makes this food very tasty and delicious. Coupled with the length of these foods can hold up to many months to make this meal even more special. Very tempting not the food on this one, especially for those of you who often eat in restaurants andalas, Minang and others, would have increased his hunger when he heard, just take prescription rendang presented herein baseball lost tasty and tender to the original, because the recipe and carnya obtained directly from the field which had a very tasty pizza restaurant. Please direct them to try it yourself, as follows.

How to Make Rendang

This meal includes foods renowned throughout the world.

As for the ingredients to make rendang we present as follows:

Ingredients :

1 kg of beef selection, cut the size according to taste
3 Old coconuts, made coconut milk
15 grains of red onion
8 cloves garlic
1 ounce red chili (curly)
2 cm Ginger
2 cm galangal crushed
1 teaspoon ground pepper
2 stalks Lemongrass first geprek
2 seeds sour kandis
2 pieces Flowers deaf
3 pieces lime leaves
4 sheets of bay leaves
1 sheet turmeric leaf

Supplementary material :

Coconut serundeng that have been roasted beforehand
1 oz Beef liver cut into small cubes and boiled

How to make rendang Indonesian cuisine
  1. Puree the first onion and garlic, chilli, ginger and galangal
  2. Start ungkep beef that had been cut with the seasoning paste, wait until the steam and air-dried meat ungkepan.
  3. Put coconut milk, pepper, lemongrass, tamarind kandis, dullness flowers, lime leaves, bay leaf, salt and sugar, then mix well, do not forget turmeric leaf tatters but also advance
  4. Wait until the coconut milk to a boil, and slightly remove the oil, then reduce the heat
  5. Combine the supplementary material into rendang and stir again until evenly
  6. Pursue in order to stir rendang not stick to the griddle, wait until it changes color and dries rendang
  7. Lift rendang, and ready to be served.

Additions make rendang Indonesian cuisine:

To add to the tenderness of meat rendang we try to create meat that has been cut should be beaten or digeprek first and then in ungkep
In the process pengungkepan rendang meat is soft and tasty usually require a longer period of time less than a full night or a day, to allow the flavors used permeated
In cooking try coconut milk is not broken and how to use a circular motion upwards like when the draw.

Thus we divide the recipe and how to make rendang may be useful and can be practiced to make everyday cooking for you. May be useful

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